Our Iceberg is Melting: EVE Online Industry Edition

With all the changes brought to EVE Online over the recent past, none have had the level of impact that the recently announced updates to industry will have.

Industrialists across New Eden are still processing the possible impacts, assessing opportunities and updating spreadsheets but one thing is of note. No credible freakouts by players have emerged. A sign of the complexity of the announced changes or acceptance of the need to change and evolve the game?

When first going through the initial post by CCP it was evident this update to industry would change many things, and after listening to the pundits on various shows it’s clear that the depth of the impacts will only become evident over the coming year(s).

Moving goal posts, disruptive innovation or the ground under your feet turning into quicksand… Call it whatever you want, it’s change.

How are you adapting to change is the core question. Some rush to the short term others think to the long term and unfortunately some freeze in place.

EVE Online is going to change, whether you like it or not.

If you’re not good at dealing with “change” you might want to pick up a copy of Kotter’s book.

“This iceberg is not who we are.

It is only where we now live.

We are smarter, stronger, and more capable than the seagulls. So why can’t we do what they have done, and better?

We are not chained to this piece of ice. We can leave it behind us. Let it melt to the size of a fish. Let it break into one thousand pieces.

We will find other places to live that are safer . . . and better! When necessary, we will move again. We will never have to put our families at risk from the sort of terrible danger we face today.

We will prevail!”

John P. Kotter

In EVE speak… HTFU, it’s going to be a fun ride!

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