The New EVE Online :: It’s Rock And Roll Baby!

The industry patch is now applied. New Eden will never be the same again.

How’s that for an opening line.

They big toys capsuleers have in their ship hangars will be produced in a much different way. Why should I care, you ask. Well it’s simple. In EVE Online everything that you fly was produced by another player. In EVE Online large ships matter.

When CCP announced the industry changes, industrialists across the game scrambled and started analysing. What did experienced producers see (after the initial OMG!)… This will profoundly change EVE.

  • With this patch CCP will achieve its objective. There will be over time a reduction of large toys and completely new collaboration dynamics will exist in production.

    Gone are the days of the vertically integrated producer for the big toys.

  • As inventories of existing big ships get normalized (destroyed), doctrines will change dramatically.

    The game play for many will change.

  • How will large groups adapt to the capitalisation requirement of N+1 when holding sovereignty?

    Will anyone be able to SRP a simple dread bomb? A faction fleet? And how many times?

It’s going to be Rock and Roll baby! 

First movers on the field with big toys might find themselves unable to capitalize going forward, unable to replace, unable to hold the line. At that point its game over. Long game players could rule. But who can wait that long when itchy trigger fingers are angling for a fight?

You want a good sense of how profound EVE Oneline is changing? At this point in time you would be well advised to listen to two shows, both from Talking in Station.

A must….

Another must…

Have fun, reflect…

Try things, find your vertical and plan.

Good luck.

It’s going to be fun for the next two years.

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