Wishing for Intermittent weather

Who could have thought that the largest “coalition of the willing” in the history of New Eden would turn into dust so quickly. In the span of a few weeks, full evacuation from Delve with the enemy nipping at everyone’s heels. The images from the rear view mirror are clear, total failure as the opposing side sings songs of victor and lays waste to constellation after constellation. 

The Imperium is in a frenzy and shortly standings will be reset. Using a filament to find content might actually land you somewhere not blue. Imagine that!

I’m reminded of a French song who’s lyrics loosely translates to this: “After the rain, the sun, but the storm can last a long time.”

Let’s hope for intermittent weather. 

Sunny days, some cloudy, a bit of rain here and there… and some glorious thunderstorms that rattle the windows.

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