EVE Online: The Dilbert Cartoon of MMORPGs

Most of you have read a few Dilbert cartoons in your life. What makes them so good? Simply put, we can relate to the situations.

Nonsense from management and coworkers, stupid ideas that end up stupider, how characters react to situations and of course the endless opportunities for humor, irony, exaggeration and ridicule.

Doesn’t that sound like EVE?

Think back at how our sandbox has progressed over the last nineteen years. Consider the changes from the developer, how they impacted your gameplay and how they responded. Look at what is being communicated by CCP to players, the arguments used and the resulting reactions from players.

The “I was there” pitch in the promotional video of a few years ago resonated with many. I’ve come to believe this was not just because of our lived experience in the game.

The out of game “value added” experience CCP has given us outside of the sandbox is just as impactful… and we can relate.

Thank you CCP. I finally understand what you were trying to build.

Space Dilbert.

Op success!

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