Become a Member

Let’s start with the basics…

BrainBox lives in Vale of the Silent. We are part of the Blades of Grass Aliance, a member of the Winter Coalition.

  • We are a family-friendly, low drama, group of people;;
  • We embrace our alliance’s core principals (must read) and actively participate in it’s activities and goals;
  • We are from different countries US/EU Timezone (US, Canada, France, Italy, etc.). Wherever you are from, as long as you are able to operate in English (thick accents welcome) everything will be fine;
  • We all have different play styles and something to contribute;
  • Through BrainBox and our alliance members have access to a full set of industrial facilities, a market production buyback program, a buyback program for ore, ice, fuel blocks, P1-P4 PI, T1/T2 salvage, moon goo, and reaction products, access to a good local market, moons open to everyone and a ship replacement program;

Is this what you are looking for?

Specific criterias

As with any corporation minimum criteria and expectations are put forward for joining and remaining in the corporation.

  • Minimum of 15 million skill points;
  • Ready to follow a training plan to meet ship doctrine requirements if not already met;
  • Eager to participate in PvP roams, home defense, and fleet operations. Expected attitude… There’s a PING for a fleet? If I can, I’m there! (IRL first though);
  • Connected, present and active on Mumble and corp Discord.

That’s it.

The rest is entirely up to what you want to do!

How do I become a member?