EVE Online: The Dilbert Cartoon of MMORPGs

Most of you have read a few Dilbert cartoons in your life. What makes them so good? Simply put, we can relate to the situations. Nonsense from management and coworkers, stupid ideas that end up stupider, how characters react to situations and of course the endless opportunities for humor, irony, exaggeration and ridicule. Doesn’t thatContinue reading “EVE Online: The Dilbert Cartoon of MMORPGs”

Dr. Happiness or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love EVE Online

Much can be said about EVE Online, but one of its defining features is how players respond to change. It runs the gamut. Some rant on and on at changes having occurred way back when, others automatically reach out to the costco sized container of calamine lotion they keep on their desk as they breakContinue reading “Dr. Happiness or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love EVE Online”

CCP Corp Propaganda Contest

I’ve always enjoyed the propaganda and marketing aspects of EVE Online players. Corporations, alliances and coalitions creating messaging to achieve objectives ranging from demoralisation of opponents to recruitment. CCP’s recent corp propaganda contest was an opportunity to take BrainBox messaging and do a little something that members would enjoy. The exercise on it’s own wasContinue reading “CCP Corp Propaganda Contest”

Wishing for Intermittent weather

Who could have thought that the largest “coalition of the willing” in the history of New Eden would turn into dust so quickly. In the span of a few weeks, full evacuation from Delve with the enemy nipping at everyone’s heels. The images from the rear view mirror are clear, total failure as the opposingContinue reading “Wishing for Intermittent weather”

CSM16 :: It’s that time of year again!

As our planet rotates around the sun, it’s reached the point in the year when we will vote for representatives on the Council of Stellar Management (CSM).  There’s a good roster of candidates this year to choose from and as usual political maneuvering is taking place. As it should. It’s an election after all isn’tContinue reading “CSM16 :: It’s that time of year again!”

The New EVE Online :: It’s Rock And Roll Baby!

The industry patch is now applied. New Eden will never be the same again. How’s that for an opening line. They big toys capsuleers have in their ship hangars will be produced in a much different way. Why should I care, you ask. Well it’s simple. In EVE Online everything that you fly was producedContinue reading “The New EVE Online :: It’s Rock And Roll Baby!”

Our Iceberg is Melting: EVE Online Industry Edition

With all the changes brought to EVE Online over the recent past, none have had the level of impact that the recently announced updates to industry will have. Industrialists across New Eden are still processing the possible impacts, assessing opportunities and updating spreadsheets but one thing is of note. No credible freakouts by players haveContinue reading “Our Iceberg is Melting: EVE Online Industry Edition”

Corp continues to grow and Noraus on TIS again!

Don’t know about you, but for us in BrainBox the month of March flew by really quickly. The move to Vale of the Silent is now complete and everyone is settled in. Great region and fun times to be had by all! The leader of Winter Coalition was on Talking in Stations recently. As alwaysContinue reading “Corp continues to grow and Noraus on TIS again!”