Member Code of Conduct

Do you feel like you need a shower after experiencing alliance comms? Wish you didn’t have to edit out what your corpies are doing when talking to friends and family about EVE? Dread looking at your forums or IM because you just know there’s going to be yet more pointless drama?

Blades of Grass exists in EVE to provide a family-friendly community for PvP-centric corporations of mature individuals to enjoy the null-sec game in pleasant company and avoid these pitfalls.

Individually we may just be blades of grass, but together we can be so much more!

Souce: Blades of Grass Our Philosophy: Member Code of Conduct

What do we expect of our members?

  • Behave in EVE as you would in real life.
  • Remember that behind every pilot there is a real person.
  • Be a part of the team. Help make your corporation and the alliance better.

We’re committed to…

  • Being a community of like-minded mature adults who enjoy playing together.
  • Building and maintaining a home together in EVE where we all feel comfortable and we all can take pride in our accomplishments because everyone contributes.
  • Recognizing that real life comes first. We don’t expect people to “alarm clock” for things, but we do expect people to participate if they are online and our home or the larger community needs protecting.
  • Family-friendly forums, voice communications, and instant messaging for the alliance’s channels. Profanity now and then is fine when surprised, but generally there’s little or no swearing, and no porn in our public channels.
  • Transparency from our leadership is the rule rather than the exception.
  • Behaving decently. Members are honest and loyal. They’re respectful in their interactions with other corporation and alliance members and can be trusted by other people in EVE.
  • Low drama. We don’t tolerate trolls or intentional troublemakers. Fun, yes! Drama, no!

What do all these nice phrases actually add up to?

EVE is a dark and dysfunctional universe, but that does not mean that we have to be dysfunctional people or organisations ourselves. We aim to uphold standards of personal conduct amongst our members which permit us to play the game in an effective but enjoyable way. While people should have their say, drama is to be avoided.

EVE may be a game, but the people are real, and the social interactions are real. We expect our members to behave in a way that allows us to talk about our in game activities without shame. As such, we do not condone scamming, random suicide ganking, or activities purely intended to generate tears. Many of our members are not just mature in outlook but also in years. The language we use in our communications must not force people who have families to try and segregate the game from the rest of their world or make others feel uncomfortable. EVE requires a lot of involvement; we do not need that to be inconvenient or unpleasant.

We aim to have fun, to spend time with individuals we like and enjoy being around, to get involved in events with other corporations and/or the alliance, and then laugh about it later. It is this shared activity, be it PvP or PvE, that gives us not only fun but satisfaction at being more than just individuals.

We support each other with industry and logistics so that we can PvP effectively, whether it is alone or in fleets. Real Life is important and this support allows us to take time away where required and dive back into the thick of things when we return. Everybody contributes which is why this is their home and worth defending. Our members can take pride in their alliance as they know that they have contributed to making it strong.

While pleasant to be around, we are able to cut our enemies down. Together we overcome the challenges that are beyond any individual. Grass may be trimmed or burned, but it endures. A field may pick up some weeds, but we will ensure that they do not remain with us. There are plenty of places for people who only wish to contribute taxes, this is not one of them.

By joining our corporations or our alliance, you are agreeing to:

  • practice and uphold these ideals and standards of conduct yourself; and
  • help ensure your corporation members do as well.