What’s New and Fun In EVE Online

Our Iceberg is Melting: EVE Online Industry Edition

With all the changes brought to EVE Online over the recent past, none have had the level of impact that the recently announced updates to industry will have. Industrialists across New Eden are still processing the possible impacts, assessing opportunities and updating spreadsheets but one thing is of note. No credible freakouts by players haveContinue reading “Our Iceberg is Melting: EVE Online Industry Edition”

Fraternity / Winter Coalition leader on Talking in Stations

As a member of the Winter Coalition it’s always a pleasure to listen to long form interviews with Noraus. It doesn’t happen often and this is the second time he’s been on this perticular show. In this edition of Talking in Station, Matterall gets Nauraus to discuss his progression in EVE Online, his longing toContinue reading “Fraternity / Winter Coalition leader on Talking in Stations”

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